Ready to Begin

I completely bypassed the traditional New Year’s resolutions this year. Perhaps i simply did not want to feel that sense of failure and depression when the diet didn’t work out as well as i’d hoped. For whatever reason, this year has been filled with ZERO goals. My life, in general, has never been very “goal oriented”. I’ve been more of a serendipitous kinda gal. Even in the darkest hours of life (which have been, admittedly, still fairly light) it seems that i stumble upon luck. When i need a job, the perfect one appears. When i get dumped, someone saves me. When i gain 20 more pounds… well… not much good about THAT, but you get the idea. Yet, with each passing year, i find myself more melancholy and doing less of the things i love. When was the last time carrie pulled out a bin of costumes and had a photoshoot just for the heck of it? I have no clue. When was the last time carrie went yard saling? It’s been a while. When was the last time carrie had a GAME NIGHT??? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY SOUL?!?! Why don’t i do the things that make me happy? Why do i consider my own happiness a waste of time?

Someone once told me that it takes 14 days to make a habit. For the next 14 days, i’m resolving to try HAPPINESS. I’m not going to spend it on the treadmill or counting every calorie. I already know that those thing don’t make me happy. I’m not going to spend it forcing myself to clean, though perhaps i WILL clear some space in order to start creating an enviroment that DOES make me happy. Here are the things i will do for the next 14 days. I will call it….


1- I will listen to a song i love. Just sit. Just listen.

2- I will spend 30 minutes reading. Anything. As long it’s not on this screen.

3- I will send an encouraging message to someone via Facebook, phone, or even post office.

4- I will fix my hair.

5- I will give a stranger a compliment.

6- I will take a multivitamin.

7- I will begin each day with prayer.

8- I will resist the urge to say unkind words, but will concentrate on the positive.

9- I will spend 15 minutes cuddling without having to be pinned down and forced to stop playing Tiny Wings. (damn you 175,000 points!)

10- I will spend time on a creative project that is not work related.

11- I will forgive myself daily for not being perfect. No one is. I shouldn’t expect myself to be either.

12- (what do YOU think i should do? )

My rough estimate is that this will take approximately 2 hours and 4 minutes each day. In the BIG PICTURE (…ah, Michael W Smith…), that’s not long at all if it creates habits that make me happy. 🙂

4 responses

  1. Carrie! I didn’t know you had a blog! AWESOME. I love the “Fortnight of Fabulousness” idea.

    This is a fun thing to try (I’m in the middle of challenging myself to 30 days): You just write 750 words a day of whatever is on your mind – plus you get stats!

    Also, one that I tried that stuck was looking UP when I go outside for the first time everyday. Sounds silly/simple/cheesy, but it made a difference for me.

  2. Excellent plans! I will try both. 🙂

  3. Write one thing daily, on an ongoing list, for which you are grateful.

    Sincerely smile when you don’t want to.

    Ask someone, once a day, “How are you?” and really want to know.

    1. I didn’t do ANY of this stuff. *sigh* Tomorrow is another day!

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