UGLY. That’s how i feel. Not in the “oh, i just don’t feel pretty today” kind of way… but in the “I’M A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING WITH AN UGLY SOUL” kind of way.

That’s pretty much how i feel every time i get angry about something. I know it’s a human emotion and i know everyone is effected by it, but ANGER is not something i really know how to deal with. What’s the acceptable way to express anger? Punching? Biting? Arson? All of those sound like they take a LOT of effort. How about blogging? Is blogging a good way to deal with anger? I feel as though i’ve tried that before and it only resulted in making OTHERS angry.

I’m spending tomorrow at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. I find it impossible to be angry while hanging out with smelly hippies who are totally in their element. I’m gonna drink Woodchuck from the tap and eat some soup in a bread bowl… all before noon. I even fashioned myself a new bodice from a vest i bought at Value Village and will be accompanied by a dashing young prince dressed as a dragon.

It’s gonna be a great day.

So…. did we completely rule out arson????


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  1. Yes, blogging is a fantastic way to vent…vent away my dear! 😀 I have missed your antics! I felt ugly and angry when I turned 40 in march- and switched fb ids… so add me back under my new alias…much love dear friend! hang in there!

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