I made a mental tally of the recent lives of my Facebook friends the past 2weeks…

3 marriages ended

2 miscarriages

1 discovery of  malignant melanoma

2 continued battles with cancer

…and 1 whiny girl who is sad that she got dumped.

The realization that my terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad life is actually a BREEZE is not really a revelation to me… but it has still never stopped me from going through stages of incredibly pathetic self-loathing. For example, today was the day when i lost it. And by “lost it”, i mean my lunch. So, for future reference, 2.5 weeks is the puking point. In the emotional battle of “oh i’m so sad”, “oh i’m so mad”, and “oh i’m so rad”, it seems that “oh i’m so…. gag” was the winner.

And all i can think about is how selfish i feel for that.

…not for the gagging…

just for the self pity.

That being said… it was a rough day. Relatively speaking. And i’m not expecting tomorrow to be any better. Is it HALLOWEEN YET????????



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