defined below

I cry when someone gets mad and blows their horn at me

I cry pretty much ANY time someone gets mad

I return stray buggies to the appropriate areas

I get offended when people don’t use their turn signals

I love watching incredible theatre because it makes me want to get up and be a part of it

I love watching terrible theatre because it makes me want to get up and be a part of it

I could eat mexican food for every meal

I don’t like crowded places

I like geeky things

I like geeks

I like men with beards

I think guns suck

I think the death penalty sucks

I think abortion sucks

I don’t vote, so you don’t have to worry about me chiming in at the ballots on those issues

I need to write a blog about why i choose not to vote (so that people might stop being jerks about it)

I do consciously try to be kind in my daily activities with strangers

I sometimes forget to be kind to those closest to me though

I’ve had weight issues my whole life

I spent about a year living off of watered down tomato soup with tobasco sauce

I was still fat

I have a great deal of faith in God

I am ashamed of how mainstream Christianity interacts with the world

I think gays should definitely have the right to a marriage license

I’m not convinced that Christians should have one though

I’d like to be married

I believe marriage is less about who you CHOOSE and more about who you ARE

I’m not someone who HAS to have kids, so i can be happy in life either way

I need my alone time to recharge

I’m definitely an introvert

I wish i gossiped less

I wish i took more chances

I don’t want to own property because i don’t like feeling tied to a spot

I feel guilty when i spend more than $20 on any one thing

I can spend $20 in the Dollar Tree and feel ok about it

I’m constantly angry at myself for not doing enough to help others

I have a younger brother with Angelman Syndrome

I think you should look that up ^^^^

I am ashamed of how often my friends drive drunk

I’m late for everything

I made terrible grades in school

I never did my homework

I can’t speak any other language

I don’t really care about grammar

I am a slow reader

I was always told in school that reading makes you creative and tv make you useless

I think that’s bullshit

I’ve been told that i’m a patient person

I don’t usually FEEL very patient

I haven’t been able to sleep through the night lately, but that’s ok. That’s when i have time to blog. But i always wait till morning to re-read before posting anything… because late at night i turn into a crazy person. MUAAAAHAHAHAHAHahahaha heehee hmmm…


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