That’s when it got here.

me·zu·zah/məˈzo͝ozə/- A parchment inscribed with religious texts and attached in a case to the doorpost of a Jewish house as a sign of faith.

I bought it from Amazon. It’s a prop required for the production NEXT FALL. The show revolves around a young Christian man’s tragic accident that lands his family and his friends in a hospital waiting room together, where they are face to face with his closeted homosexual relationship with an older atheist. So lots of stuff about family, faith, gays, and faith in the gay community. But that’s not what’s important here. What we’re here to discuss is the fact that Jews are crazy.

At least, that’s what i have to assume after experiencing the wrath that is MEZUZAH:

  1. Actress breaks an elbow
  2. Boss in the hosital
  3. Another worker with pneumonia
  4. Director with root canal
  5. Roommate falls and drops ladder on her head
  6. Stranger wanders in backstage in the dark while we’re working on stuff and does not heed my warning of “Hey, wait, there’s a big drop off…” **crash**

MAN: “Is my head bleeding???”

ME: “no, i don’t think…… **insert shock and horror**  OH MY GOD YES YOU ARE”

That’s about the time i rush to find the first aid kit, realize it is BOLTED to the wall, try to look inside, but i’m too short, pull it out with all my might, and leave behind 2 gapping holes in the sheetrock. (By the way, nobody tell Mike that was me.) And then i realize all of our bandaids are covered in sawdust. I MIGHT need to rethink where i store that crap.

I ALSO might need to rethink ever having a Mezuzah on set ever again. Forget Macbeth, Mezuzah is the new “M” word.

5 responses

  1. Wait, which boss is in the hosital?

  2. THAT’S the M word!

    1. Look at you, figuring things out on your own. 🙂

  3. Also yes which boss?

    1. The tall one is on the mend.

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