Last night was a game changer. While waiting in line for the bathroom at the Neighborhood Theatre, i ran into several women wearing ridiculously small costumes. Nothing unusual about that… until one of them said, “I can’t believe that they don’t sell any costumes for cold weather.” The other women agreed by chiming in, “I know! The options are so limited.”

This is true. If you buy your costume in a plastic bag, it’s going to me tiny, thin, cheap, and targeted to the mass market. I tend to harbor a lot of judgement against bagged costumes. I need to let that go. For the uncreative types, there really aren’t a lot of other options. How about i start a business where i take you thrift store shopping, put together an outfit for you, and then i get paid in candy.  But GOOD candy. Not fireballs, necco wafers, and tootsie rolls. I mean reese cups and snickers… though i do happen to like mary janes. That seems like it’s in the spirit of Halloween.

November is here. Cool weather is here. I found a coat i like at Value Village. Maybe life is starting to fall into place after all…. until it comes to a screeching halt on the 17th. Birthdays. Bah Humbug. The other great thing about getting dumped is that your biological clock wakes up. Awesome.

It’s been a week now since the GREAT EXODUS… which is how i refer to the removal of my boyfriend’s personal items from my home. But i keep finding things i forgot to box up and send away. It sucks. And i’m starting to feel more and more humiliated every day for thinking that he’d find value in sticking with it, rather than moving on. For a natural born pessimist, i’m optimistically stupid sometimes. I also feel like Facebook is being a jerk on purpose. As soon as the breakup took place, i had a friend log onto my account and “hide” him. After a couple of weeks, he had moved off of the top of my friends list… and now he keeps popping back up. Facebook, why must you mock me so?

My dreams having been mocking me as well, but there’s nothing unusual about that. However, last night i’m pretty sure my dream was werewolf related. I found An American Werewolf in London to be a delightful film. Did you realize that this film is the reason the Academy Awards now recognized make up effects? I did not. I also did not realize that the lead was the guy from My Sister Sam.

I smell bread. Not toast, thankfully, but freshly baked bread.

My room was so clean. Now it looks like one of those big bins at the Goodwill outlet, with piles of clothes that you’re a little scared to stick your hands into. Who knows what lurkes beneath these layers… but i wouldn’t be surprised to find a stray loaf of bread.

The show NEXT FALL opens on Wednesday. That’s all i’m going to say about that, for fear of awakening the… “M” word.

Several weeks ago, i had a friend whose status update read:

“What if all you have left today was everything you thanked God for yesterday.”

That idea has stuck with me. Has it made me more thankful? More positive in my outlook? Has it made me pray more? Not really. But i sure have been thinking about it a lot. I suppose that’s a start.


6 responses

  1. You should TOTALLY start a Thrift-store Halloween Costume (or just because costume) business!!!! And you should also hire me on to be a tracker for the goods at the Goodwill. Loved this one!

  2. I agree with you about bagged costumes. Even though every year I forget or run out of time to put together a costume for Halloween.

    I love your blog, it’s funny and poignant. Hope you’re well!

  3. Smelling toast.

    Reason 676 that I love you.

  4. I miss you Carrie. When we get back to NC I can go punch that guy if you want.

  5. HAHA. Thanks, Stan. 🙂

  6. What is the “M” word? Should I know? I feel dumb!

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