NEXT FALL opened tonight. It went pretty darn great, especially considering the havoc of the previous week. However, the same actress who broke the elbow… now has PINK EYE. Therefore, my eye has been irritated all evening. I’m sure it’s just sympathy pains, but, if i have pink eye, i swear to all that is holy, i WILL punch someone in the neck. I’m not sure why that would help, but i just really feel it could be key to my survival.

I got a good look at my face today. It was rough. My sleep pattern has quadrupled the wrinkles under my eyes. Just last night, the cashier at BiLo bagged my bottle of merlot and said, “I almost asked for your I.D.” Almost. ALMOST!? That would explain why he kept staring at me. At a glance, i always get carded. I don’t think it’s really related to a youthful appearance, but more a response to my lack of adult dress. But there are SOME servers, cashiers, and all around assholes who like to take the time to really analyze the situation. They’re not going to humor me. Hopefully, these are the people who will be standing within arms reach should that pink eye senario come to fruition.

Hopefully, a good night’s rest and some moisturizer will help.

Here’s a list of OTHER reasons i need to get to sleep:

  • the Dairy Queen guy
  • Get connected… for FREEEE…. with EDucation connECTion…
  • Call Quest now

The only GOOD thing about fighting sleep right now:


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