ho ho ho

It’s slowly getting to be THAT time of year again! I’m beginning to see a lot of ….

With also a fair share of…

And this leads me to making a terrible confession….

I know, I KNOW!!! I’M A TERRIBLE PERSON!!! Now, don’t get me wrong, i don’t approve of the antics this frenzy often evolves into, but that’s due to a reason: some people are crazy. I think they’d be crazy regardless of the shopping situation. I don’t think 20% off riding mowers is what prompts their lack of humanity. I also think it’s safe to say that some people should have to acquire a license for holiday shopping.

But not me. I’m good. I don’t fight over ill-marked sale prices or wrestle anyone for the latest toy just so my brat won’t be a total jerk on Christmas morning. I just like the hustle and bustle. I like the music, i like the decorations, and i like the fact that almost everyone is thinking of someone else. Even if you’re only trying to decide between some isotoner slippers and body wash, you’re forced to take a small moment to think of the person you appreciate and consider their reaction to the gift.

I know i’m in the minority here among my friends. There is such a push right now to stop consumerism… and I GET THAT. I do. But a crowded shopping mall and a long line for Santa’s lap just makes me happy. I can’t help it.

I took my own vows to end consumerism years ago when i gave up buying music and movies, though i have since caved on the movies and been forced to recently put that effort back into place. Donald Miller (see previous entry) wrote about being “addicted to new”. His example was an extension cord and i’m pretty sure i’ve lived out that EXACT scenario of “I need an extension cord and there’s a chance i might have one somewhere around here, but it’s so much more rewarding to make the trip out to buy a new one.” It comes from this idea that if i HAVE something new, then i’ve sparked a change. Something new will happen. It’s a ridiculous idea…. but i live it ALL THE TIME. I’m just lucky that i love thrift stores and the Dollar Tree. I tend to get really angry with people who need the newest expensive gadgets, because i feel like they are single-handedly killing the starving African kids on the commercials! But i’m sure these people have the same problem i do, but they just have better taste in their addictions… and a no conscience.

Where was i?…. oh yes… The moral of the story is that while everyone else is angry that Christmas has already started, i’m ready to embrace it. I always am. Once Halloween has passed, i’m ready for the Christmas holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s all part of the master plan, people! Spend time being thankful so that you can, in turn, think about what YOU can do to make OTHERS thankful. And i feel isotoner slippers are always the safer bet.



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  1. I need to be doing other things but I keep reading all your old blog entries. Can’t stop reading it! Very relatable and so articulate. Some things are universal… Keep em coming.

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