character driven

My entries have recently been all about ME ME ME. And here’s another one, prompted by the question:


Monica Geller: Every group of friends has one. The friend who knows the best way to do EVERYTHING. The phrase “you’re doing that wrong” is pretty much on a constant loop inside my head, but my years on this earth have taught me to SHUT UP about it… most of the time. Occasionally, one slips out, much to my regret… because then i might find out i WASN’T right. This is especially true when it comes to party planning, dip making, crafting, and driving. There is a RIGHT WAY to do things, PEOPLE! Wikipedia calls her the “mother hen” of FRIENDS and that is most certainly the role i take. And i might be a normally messy person, but i do NOT mess around when it comes to getting clean and organized. It just so happens that those spurts don’t last very long. Also, the character of Monica beat her weight issue (and i’m not giving up the fight yet), but instead of being “the fat one” she is now “the one who used to be fat”. “FAT” will never be a word i can get away from now, regardless of how the dieting goes. Which, by the way, i’ve just lost 15 lbs and dread the 20lb mark because that’s when people begin to notice. That’s when your constant “Have you lost weight?” lets me know just how important my fat is to you. Maybe you should just not care how much i weigh. How about THAT?! <—-whew. Getting up and down from that soapbox is pretty good exercise too.

Rose Nadler: Better known as simply Rose from LOST, she shakes her head at the actions of her husband and sits in judgement of those around her. Yep. No need to elaborate on this one.

Ethel Mertz: One might think that i would identify more with her best bud Lucy Ricardo, but, other than the flaming locks, i’m much more like the friend who tries to talk sense into the crazy situations with the cunning use of sarcasm… yet often failing miserably. In this scenario, i sometimes feel that Tania and Ryan are the Lucy.

Carrie Bradshaw: I miss Sex and the City. I should rewatched that series because the movies delivered nothing but grade A shite. The series writers took the concept of extreme character types and 3 conflicting personalities to accompany our heroine, Carrie. They said Carrie was more of the “every woman” and the others were the 3 types that “every woman” is influenced by. Miranda was certainly the archetype that my personality was most influenced by, because i usually think all of my friends make horrible decisions (uh… not YOU, of course. My OTHER friends….), but then i find myself making the biggest of all when no one is looking. But there were 2 specific Carrie situations that were startlingly like me: 1- When she reads the book her boyfriend wrote, she LOVES it… but that’s not the first thing she says to him. Instead, she makes a joke about something she felt was a ridiculous detail to include. This led to mass havoc in the relationship. Been there, done that. 2- When Aiden moves in, she can’t handle losing her small window of alone time when she gets home each day. She’s been busy all day and he’s been sitting around waiting for her to get home. Alone time is important, people! I need to recharge!

Liz Lemon: Oh, Liz. Having a career oriented life. Feeling too old to still be single. Unsucessfully fighting off awkward. Always being the one who has to deal with actor crap. Animal allergies. Accused of dressing like a lesbian. Stress eating. Once a performer, but more comfortable running the show. On 30 Rock, Jack refers to her as “…college educated, single-and-pretending-to-be-happy-about-it, over-scheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says ‘healthy body image’ on the cover and every two years you take up knitting for a week.” There’s really no point in me going on. If you don’t see any similarities between me and Liz, then you don’t know me.

So, what tv characters do YOU identify with???


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  1. I noticed a while back but I didn’t say anything because I never can be sure. Looks like I made the right decision!! If it means greater health and happiness for you then congratulations!

    1. I don’t mind when it comes from someone close, because i feel that those people know me well enough to know when it’s appropriate. Plus, i feel like they know my own personal situation. But just recently i heard someone compliment a guy on his weight and his response was, “Yeah, well, cancer does that.” Don’t talk about something you don’t know anything about. The biggest problem for me is the random people who pass me in social or work situations and suddenly draw attention to it. Even if they say it out of earshot of others, i’m still suddenly very aware of my weight and then i simply don’t function efficiently.

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