At what age am i officially old? This might be it. I think i turned old today.

Today i attended the Southern Christmas Show. I would assume that all big cities have a similar sort of holiday bazaar, but i can’t be certain. The convention center is decked out in lights and trees and various other decor, while vendors from all over try to encourage you that THEIR product is an excellent Christmas gift. It’s an event i try to attend with my family, when possible. Today, it was my mother, grandmother, and aunt. Mamaw Betty Jo (who you may NOT refer to as Mamaw “BJ”) had a knee replacement a couple of months back and said this was her first time walking such a long distance. There was some concern that we might have to use a wheelchair, which would have seriously inhibited our ability to repeatedly sneak in and out of the food sample lines. But she made it through the day without much problem at all. In fact, she probably whined less than i did.

I received some birthday money… which is great since my car is suffering an unidentified ailment. I also bought a few dip/soup mixes and this adorable necklace:

We also found a Muppet’s Christmas Movie that my brother doesn’t already have:

This means Thanksgiving day may have a little more variety this year at the Cranford house! It has David Arquette as a lead and that sounds vaguely familiar (and equally frightening), but i can’t recall if i’ve ever actually seen it. And yet another high point today was when the amazing Christy Edney brought me a birthday salted caramel brownie:

::drool:: It lasted me through all of act I. Seriously, why do i not spend more time in Amelie’s??? Oh, right. Because i would be the size of a house… a large house… a large ranch style house… very similar to the California home where Hayley Mills visited the handsome Brian Keith in Parent Trap.

It’s a bitter sweet birthday. Bitter because i still have a lot of unresolved feelings to deal with right now. But SWEET because people have been showering me with birthday wishes! My Facebook wall has nearly 200 well wishes and i’ve received messages and texts from even the most unexpected places. There are a lot of people who sincerely care about me. I’m very lucky.

I read somewhere once that, even though middle age has traditionally been defined as 45-65, the US Census says it begins at 36. Does that mean that i can start working on my midlife crisis? I’d like to go ahead and pencil one in for February. But the fact remains that, no matter how old, i would still have gone to see Breaking Dawn tonight at midnight if i had company and weren’t afraid of fanboy glitter getting in my eye.


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  1. Awe, it sounds like you have had a most excellent adventure for your 36th birthday- believe you me…you will not FEEL really OLD until you catch up to where I was this year…40!!!! Yes, that was hard to swallow. You are young, fun and only as old as you feel. Happy Birthday Carrie! 🙂

  2. I totally would have gone to the movie with you and loved it.

    1. oh Joe, we would have had a fabulous time! 🙂 I’d like to throw a “teenage party” where we dress like teenagers and watch useless crap with hot boys and drink wine coolers. I’ll make sure you’re around for that one. (…but no SPIN THE BOTTLE. That only ends in tears… for me)

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