On Thanksgiving eve, due to a cancelled rehearsal, i invited some folks over to play games. I didn’t go overboard and invite everyone i know, but just a few who i enjoy spending time with in a low-key setting. I had the chance to laugh with old friends and also make a couple of new ones. It was nice. I haven’t come that close to peeing my pants in long, long time. I cried from laughter. That was nice too. A small group with a similar sense of derranged humor sure does help when you’ve been feeling down.


Today, we got the unexpected surprise of seeing my grandmother (whose health was in a great jeopardy) make an amazing turn around. We had suspected that the day would involve celebrating Thanksgiving lunch gathered around a bed, since she had such limited movement…. but, somehow, she was well enough to join the family at my parent’s house. I mean, just a few days earlier, she couldn’t even sit up in bed and she spent her awake time miming imaginary sewing projects, but today she sat in her wheelchair at the head of the table and even ate dessert! After about an hour, she had to head home, but i think it definitely helped her spirits to get out of that hospital bed for a bit.

Mamaw: We should take one last picture of the 5 generations all together.

Aunt: LAST picture? Are you planning to go somewhere?

Me: Vegas.

…because i just can’t let anything get too serious. Before my father took her home, i leaned in to give her a hug and she squeezed longer and harder than any hug she’s ever given me. I then watched her wish her great-great grandbabies goodbye with a kiss on the cheek… and i repeated to myself “Will not cry… will not cry… going to Vegas…” She has made some recovery, but everything from this point on is going to be a tough struggle.


I’m also thankful today for the people that inspire me to live my life with better purpose. Some are close friends and family, others are Facebook aquantainces, and some are even in the celebrity spotlight. I’ve never had career goals or financial goals and, honestly, i don’t need those. I just want to learn to make choices, rather than just allow everyone else to make choices that influence me. One of those choices i plan to make is to become more active in helping others.

I’m thankful for my faith. Faith in God is a weird thing, but i’m glad i have it.

I’m also thankful for Polyphonic Spree. They are my cult of choice.


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  1. Conan The Librarian | Reply

    Ever wonder if a stranger reads your blog? The answer is yes. Yes. A stranger reads your blog. I enjoy it. It’s delicate, like tufts on a dandelion, but strong like the forearm flexors of a newly-retired championship bowler. So, thanks for that.

    1. Thanks so much!!! Knowing a stranger reads my blog is encouraging, like a small pat on the back from all of humanity, but also creepy, like my high school gym teacher’s fascination with my cankles. So, thanks for THAT. 🙂

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