on the mend

I have not blogged this week. Let me catch you up:

  • Gag up gobs of green goo? check.
  • Be judged on the phone by a rude woman who sells tumbleweeds? check.
  • Lose something really important? check.
  • Cry in my car? check.
  • Receive a hateful email from a stranger? check.
  • Cry more in bed? check.
  • Nearly lose voice? check.
  • Get antibiotics? check.
  • Begin to feel better? check.
  • Live through tech weekend? check.
  • Have a breakdown before final dress? check.
  • Open a show with success? check.
  • Eat entirely too many leftovers from the opening night smörgåsbord? CHECK.

All in all, i made it through the week with flying colors… it just so happens that most of those colors were green and flying out of my face. After a week of GO-GO-GO-GO-GO, i think i’ll be able to slow down a little. I’m also hoping to spend some time blogging this week. I have important stuff to say about stuff, y’know. Plus, it’s a little bit like WordPress is my neglected imaginary friend.

I once had an imaginary cat when i was 8, because my mother tried to make me stop watching tv by saying, “When was young, we had to use our imaginations.” The cat’s name was Prickly. Looking back, I fear she may have actually been a porcupine in disguise. For the record, tv is way better and an imaginary undercover porcupine…. unless its a TV SHOW about an imaginary undercover porcupine…




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