happy & grumpy


1- Amy’s Black Bean Enchiladas are currently on sale at Harris Teeter.

2- It’s Always Sunny plays 2 episodes back-to-back at 12:30 on weeknights

3- This. Just because.

4- FINALLY got some work finished and sent out the audition info out for the upcoming ATC production Clybourne Park: http://actorstheatrecharlotte.org/get-involved/auditions-script-submissions/ Holla.

5- Audrey Tautou. Because she’s just so darn cute.

6- Strangers keep stopping me in public to admire my victory rolls, so i should definitely be sporting this look on a more regular basis in order to feed my esteem. It does suit me. I’ve always thought so.

7- Cards Against Humanity: Best. Game. Ever. Frequently evokes both tears and pee. http://cardsagainsthumanity.com/

8- Ben Folds. Y’know, i took a picture of his living room once… from the sidewalk outside. I’m like a sheepish paparazzi.

9- ………….. ummm….


I tried. I really did. In fact, the original heading to this page was 20 REASONS TO BE HAPPY, but by the time i got to 4 i was already beginning to lose steam. My attitude is just too poor. Realistically, i have so many reasons to be happy that i could never fit them all on one page. From a good family to comfortable shoes. But my attitude is just unbelievably crappy right now due to my breakup. I’m pretty much disgusted with my whiny behavior and inability to focus on anything other than myself. This is getting ridiculous. I have so much anger that seeps out in little spurts and it’s all because i’m so hurt and my pride is so bruised. It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone’s fickle emotions and unfaithful habits than it is to admit that someone just didn’t think you were worth the effort of a discussion. I can’t begin to tell you how much just saying, “I’m not happy, but let’s talk about how we can make us work” means to someone. If you’re in a relationship that you’re not happy with, have that conversation. If the relationship never falls apart, then you never learn how to fix it. And, some day, you will need to fix it. It’s inevitable. Why not start now?

…Because if you just dump them, they’re going to turn into a whiny bitch and annoy all their friends with excessive passive aggressiveness.

Man, this happy blog sure took a terrible turn….

9????- Ah, yes. Taking a week off work for the new year! Lots to consider and contemplate. Lots to decide and demand. Lots to plan and…. plunder. As a warning to my hippie friends, i do plan to further endanger the environment with some excessive driving.

 Maybe a trip to Nashville coming soon? But i also hope to do the typical “clean room, get life in order, eat chinese food” thing i do when i have a day off. I’m ALSO planning to spend time with friends. There are people who i haven’t seen in a long, long time. Lots of lunch plans, dinner dates, and coffee house Quiddler.

10- QUIDDLER. And it’s always more fun when you then have to use your words in an obscene sentence. Always.


*whew* That took some energy this morning, but i think it helped.

Oh, and also, I have a Facebook friend i went to highschool with who is selling one of her 5 year old daughter’s old pageant dresses for $650. Anyone interested in that?



Good…. because WHAT. THE. FUCK.


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