high enough

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Despite what this title may lead you to believe, there will be no mention of drug use in this blog. <—except that one. Don’t worry though, we’ll save that story for ANOTHER blog, because it seems to be a hit at parties.


It’s 2am and i’m sitting in bed watching a Lifetime movie starring Nancy McKeon and the guy from Time Trax. This can only end in tears and domestic abuse….. oh, and apparently a gambling addiction. I can only hope that they’ll cover all the bases and someone will get raped by a bulemic Meredith Baxter Birney. (I’ve tried dropping the “Birney”, but it just feels wrong to my 1980’s mindset.)



Speaking of my 1980’s mindset…

Last night i had a fabulous evening of entertainment, food, and drink, all for the grand price of $0. Well, technically, i spent $3 on parking and $14 on the first round of drinks, but the rest of it was all freeeee! I had comp tickets to attend the touring company performance of the musical ROCK OF AGES.

These characters left me genuinely tickled and seriously wanting to see Ryan Stamey playing the narrator Lonny….

It was amazing. I was mesmerized by my own happiness. It was just like paradise. I seriously started tearing up just out of sheer joy. I’m not sure if it was because the music made me feel like a little kid again, or if it was because i had forgotten what it was like to be happy, or if it was because the guy beside me may have actually been straight and checking out my boobs. Probably a little of all three. It’s definitely a show with freely flowing alcohol, as demonstrated by the women sitting nearby who wanted to sing every song and discuss every fashion. It was rude. When a gentleman behind them said we’re not gonna take it, it only fueled their fire.

Sometimes people don’t understand the difference between a concert and a theatrical production. At a concert, if someone pukes on your shoes, you buy new shoes and it makes a great story for the years to come. If someone pukes on your shoes in the theatre, somebody is going to want a refund. For that matter, some people also don’t know the difference between live theatre and television. When they say, “NO PHOTO OR VIDEO”, they can SEE YOU… and so can i. Seeing photography, videography, or texting during a show puts me into automatic stage manager mode. Even if i’m not close enough to ask them to stop, i will shoot them the evil eye… as i mouth along to the lyrics of High Enough and drink my beer through a bendy straw.

The show was followed by an afterparty, which is where the free food and drinks came into play. It just so happened that the majorly kick ass Charlotte guitarist and all-around great guy, Troy Conn, was playing the afterparty. All in all, we had nothin’ but a good time.

Anywho, since Hollywood is scraping for ideas, they’ve shot the movie, as well. I’m fairly convinced that it will suck, but every rose has it’s thorn and i’m gonna see it anyway. Duh.


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