When am i going to get out of this FUNK?

Maybe i’m in a FUNK because i’ve been a brunette for 2 months and missing the vibrancy of the red. I think i’ll give it some red chunks over the weekend. And i’ll cut my bangs. These are the reasons i’m a hairdresser’s worst nightmare. My “it’s only hair” philosophy has led to a number of unwise choices made at midnight, after a second glass of merlot. A few weeks later, i’ll walk into the salon and be greeted with a “oh, i see you’ve made some changes here”.

Maybe i’m in a FUNK because, after being single for 3 months, i’m still atop the cloud of despair as my rain slowly drowns those around me (That’s as close to poetic as i get). At a year and a half, this was the shortest relationship i’ve ever had. Maybe THAT’S why i can’t outgrow the funk. Maybe i feel like i’ve just received an “incomplete” on my progress report.

I regret to inform you that i am unable to reward Carrie with a grade for this assignment. Perhaps next time, she will put forth the effort required to see the project through to a more acceptable level of completion.

Maybe i’m in a FUNK because i just finished watching the Star Wars trilogy (because, let’s face it, it’s still a trilogy), but it had the computer animation updates, which just feel out of place. Also, there is this…

Eat after midnight, you will not.

In truth, there is one overwhelming and obvious reason for this FUNK. Thanks to a viral Facebook meme, i now know that i was born into this world on a day when FUNK was #1…

I feel so ashamed.


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