dRrrrunu n k

Welcome to DRUNK BLOGGING WITH CARRIE. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Ok, so, DRUNK might be an overstatement. Obviously it took a fair amount of sobriety to create a title that borders on being a onomonopea. Tipsy is perhaps a more accurate choice. The good news is that i can activate “spell check”. The bad news is that there is no “judgment check”. My second glass of wine encouraged me to begin blogging, so who knows what the third will encourage! …Well, i do know, actually: SLEEP. I only got a few hours last night because my neighbors were up to their recent Saturday night antics again. It begins with a bass pounding dance party and is followed by a rather loud, and slighty disturbing, sexual encounter… while i watch Everybody Loves Raymond.

BTW, that was not a show i watched in first run, but i do occasionally get a kick out of some reruns. Plus, i’ve had so many random people stop me to say i remind them of Patricia Heaton. I also hear it from those who know me, like my friend Dennis who made me this card:

But, after the watching the show, i realize the likeness may be based on some unflattering traits, such as, but not limited to, being a harpy.

ANYwho, since i’m trying to secure a spot in the blogosphere, i realized i should seek out some pointers. I went to a place where i get all of my good life advice:

Oh good. It seems as though i’m off to a good start. I haven’t spoken much about coffee, but that’s all for the best, as i’m trying to cut back. Heart palpitations. Just found out today that they run in the family. This would have been helpful and comforting information to have had last week when i nearly OD’ed on venti iced coffees.

But i feel as though blogs need ACTIONS. They need VERBS.

If i knew how to make money, i’d be out doing that, rather than lying in bed googling. Or… is it LAYING in bed googling?? I honestly don’t know… which is one more reason why “How to Do Real Nice Grammar” is a topic i will avoid. As far as the topic of decorating goes, i may have some uses for that. I can be quite crafty when the motivation strikes.

But i don’t want my blog to be merely sufficient. I want it to be AMAZING!

Oh wow. We are a simple people when the only topic we rank as AMAZING is edible.

Perhaps it would be best to concentrate on subjects to AVOID??

 I’m…. not…. even sure what to do with this information. However, it is good to know that i won’t have any gorillas stealing my thunder.

While searching for prime blog examples, i ran across the “Blog For Quitters” and i was clearly excited about this ever-so-applicable blog. I then realized it was a “Blog For QUILTERS”. It was sincerely depressing. I don’t want that. I want a blog that offers a more uplifting option. Afterall, WWJB?

What WOULD Jesus blog?

2 responses

  1. Turned water into wine, walked on water, healed a blind man, still I’ll never live up to my Father.

    1. This is why WordPress needs a “like” option.

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