wiggin’ out

The week has been filled with multiple personalities, but not just the ones that feed my neuroses.

Working in the performing arts exposes you to many things… and apparently one of those things is my cleavage. When an LGBT film festival headed into town (…that’s “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender”, for those of you who are Republican), one of the films dealt with two incredible topics: Dolly Parton. If you like Dolly, or documentaries, or gay twins, you should check it out. http://www.hollywood2dollywood.com/
Appropriate dress was encouraged and, since i was bartending the event, i wanted to fit in.


The lack of Dolly attire among the crowd was disappointing, but my 9 to 5 ensemble was a hit. That’s really all that matters.

I feel very luck to have the opportunity to play dress up on a regular basis.

At a showing of Pulp Fiction, i took the less traditional option and dressed as Samuel L. Jackson. But when  someone showed up as THE GIMP….

…no one really noticed me anyway. In fact, people may have mistaken me for a Marx brother. Or possibly a young Colonel Sanders.

As a stage manager, one of the perks is that i get to say, “Don’t play with the props!”… and then i play with the props. This becomes especially entertaining when the upcoming production demands a collection of wigs. The fact that the show is a comedy in which all the characters are black did NOT keep me from trying them all out. Ethnicity be damned, i think i look pretty good with a flat top fade.

 Yeah, it still needs a little work. I had to cut it from an old oversized Elvis wig. But it’s a darn site better than the travesty that i purchased which claimed to be a flat top fade….


The good news is that a little bit of spraypaint transformed it into Don King…

This is what i would look like if i were Chaka Khan….

This is what i would look like if i were Pam Grier….

This is what i would look like if i had starred in Dumb and Dumber….

This is what i look like when i say, “JINKIES!”…

This is what i would look like if i drove a mini-van…

This is what i would look like if i snorted heroine and you had to stab a needle in my heart…

My own hair might be a little unkempt right now….

…but it could certainly be worse.


One response

  1. Can we be friends forever please. And the next time I’m in town, I demand that we go out every night with a different wig.

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