I think Mexicans make the best cuisine.

I think Tom Hanks is even MORE amazing for the fact that he collects antique typewriters.

I think you should always tip your server well.

I think i’ve gained back most of the 20lbs i lost.

I think bars should be required to have a “douchebag” jar.

I think road rage is silly and dangerous.

I think i deserve something good.

I think hatred directed at politicians or specific parties is not an attractive trait to possess.

I think How I Met Your Mother would be a great show if they ditched Ted and Robin.

I think no one should yell at me. Ever.

I think Shemp was funnier than Curly.

I think brushing my teeth with baking soda tastes awesome.

I think i have a poor comprehension of “ownership”.

I think that means i’m a communist???

I think i may have lost my best friend to a chippy.

I think i have an addiction to buying shopping bags.

I think i should adopt an Asian baby.

This one:

I think i need to get medicated.

I think i want to see The Lady in Black.

I think i should rethink that last thought until it comes out on DVD and i can watching it in broad daylight.

I think making lists is fun.


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