St. Valentine and i have a long history of spending the day alone. I didn’t begin dating until i was in college… for numerous reasons…. including, but not limited to…

Every Valentine’s Day that i spent wearing these “jams” that my mom made me, gave me an appreciation for the single perks of the romantic holiday:

1- It’s really the only day of the year that someone can wear an indecent amount of pink and red without fearing the ridicule of the gay community. For such an accepting group, they will CUT YOU for a fashion faux pas.

I had to wrestle an old lady to the ground for that sequined cap.

2- Valentine cards. They’re awesome. I have copious amounts of Sesame Street and Star Wars Valentines that i have collected in the clearance days of late February. If i ever have kids, they’re using them. I’m not buying you any Yo Gabba Gabba Valentines.  This season, i made an assortment of personalized cards:

3- And the obvious reason for the season…

Oh, strawberry cream… followed by salty chips.


Here’s what love is on Valentine’s Day:

That’s a lot to live up to. I’ve never even BEEN to fancy restaurant. EVER. …but that’s ok, because they probably don’t serve chips and salsa anyway.

While watching The Middle this week, they ended with this quote:

“Let’s face it. It’s a high pressure holiday. It’s lucky that when you plan on loving someone for the rest of your life, you got a lot of other days to get it right.”

So here’s what love is for the rest of the year:

As you can see, i’m currently convinced that passion and romance take place nearly as often as saving the rainforest.

The quote that really struck me this week came from a friend’s Facebook status.

“Nothing feels better than taking care of the people you love.”- Angely

 From cooking their meals, to washing their clothes, to supporting their dreams… that’s what love is. And i like that. I’m not good at Valentine’s Day, but i am good at taking care of people. In that case, having one single day that concentrates on my weaknesses is ok, because i’ve got 364 others to show my strengths. So, while i may throw a fair amount of “HAPPY VD” to those around me, February 14th doesn’t hold bitterness and despair for this single jilted lady. But don’t worry. You haven’t lost me. I’ll surely be back to the bitter whining tomorrow.  🙂

Here’s a photo wishing you the best. Now that i’ve posted it in a public setting, someone will google “Happy Valentine’s Day”, and this will pop up, and they’ll think it’s lame, and send it to their friends ironically, and it will catch on, and i’ll be forever known as the “Viral VD Chub”.

3 responses

  1. Brilliant and funny 🙂

    1. Thanks!

  2. Fabulous! And I LOVE the pic! 🙂 ❤

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