It’s not that i’m not writing.

It’s just that i’m not posting.

There is nothing more pathetic than a woman who can’t quite get it together and intends to whine about it until her condition improves. In an attempt to avoid patheticness, i immediately exit any blog writings that begin to venture off course. Because no matter how optimistic it begins, i end up picking at my own scabs, which is a pretty gross habit and is seldom acceptable in the company of others. Each blog i begin takes an ugly turn.

“I went to the park today (Good, good) to hear the birds sing (Very encouraging). The sky was blue (Colors are soothing). The children were playing (Niiiice)… children that i may never have because someone wasted 2 more of my child-bearing years–(ABORT MISSION!!!)”

Yep. That’s pretty much how it goes. So then i stop writing so that i can spend the next hour accepting that my reality is not as grim as i imagine it to be and that my outlook is merely due to years of reading Cathy.

Y’know, Cathy began in 1976 (one year after yours truly was born), yet she did not marry till 2005. Even CATHY beat the odds.


He may have a wardrobe consisting of only one red t-shirt and an unusually large nose, but that’s beside the point. Cathy doesn’t even HAVE a nose. Maybe that’s why she spent 29 years in the dating pool. Life has got to be tough for a noseless woman whose Maid of Honor is her dog.

These cyber comics more accurately portray my life:

(Many of those have a way of making me cry. I’m a sissy.)

This is the most accurate description i could find of my work environment:

I couldn’t help but notice that none of those guys have noses either.  If i were a comic, i’d have a nose.

And there would be loose grammar and questionable spelling probly. And excessive punctuation!!!!!!!!! Yet carefully considered use of ALL CAPS. When other characters spoke, they would appropriately capitalize their “I”, but “i” never would, because i like dots and like to consider myself the Seurat of blogging. Each strip would end the same. The final frame would be me sitting around with friends and a glass of wine. Each week, a different friend would make a hilarious closing statement. It would be filled with sarcasm, self-deprecation, and hope.

With what comic strip do you most identify?


5 responses

  1. It s nice to see you posting. I haven t thought about Kathy in a long time! But I think I could always relate to that one. I m technologically challenged so I m not in on the hip stuff up now on the web. Great post!

  2. My first instinct to your comical question, “With what comic strip do you most identify?” is “I’m a Family Circus kind of gal”

    Reason? I like punny jokes and tend to see the world through the eyes of a child, rather than accept how cussed up it really is.

    I tried to find a good example of a comic that fits me…and a google search provided THESE:

    Nuff said. They all pretty much apply to my life, sense of humor, and way of seeing the world 🙂

    Loved this blog. It was actually pretty genius. Taking a look at yourself as a comic book character is a great little action in self exploration.

  3. P.S.- At least Cathy didn’t have a pig nose like…um…ALL of the Family Circus Characters.

  4. Except the parent characters…they must have evolved from piglings.
    (sorry for the multiple comments. They were multiple thoughts).

  5. *piglets

    (Now…I’m done). Really.

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