talkin’ bout deep stuff

Check out the new template! I’m still searching for just the right one, because the old theme had too many glitches. It refused to accept the very necessary exclamation point in my name. Oftentimes, it would try to post every sentence as it’s own paragraph. I always felt as though it was trying to make a statement about my ability to stay on topic.

I like cheese.

So this post is really just an excuse to test drive the look while it still has that new blog smell. I scrolled through the dozens of half-finished drafts and, even though this is a mere portion of a thought, it bears relevance to some recent events in my life. I began an entry over a year ago about the hot topic of gay marriage, or really just marriage in general. I’m warning you heathens now… it talks about God… and the Bible… and a Walrus (indirectly).

The beginning of Genesis, whether literal or allegorical, is about the beginning of mankind. It is about creation and procreation, but we have certainly advanced the concept of marriage to realize that the bond is not about simply popping out babies. Being unmarried once labeled you a perv and a drain on society. And then in the New Testament, Paul tries to shift that understanding and says that you should only get married if you can’t keep it in your pants. Obviously, even within scripture, the idea of marriage was changing. In my opinion, this is not because GOD’S plan for marriage changed, but because our understanding of it changed…. as it will continue to do…. forever… and ever… and ever. That’s how learning and understanding scripture works. I respect the belief that the Bible is the final authority, but even things that are obvious to us now, were not so obvious to Christians a thousand years ago… or even 50 years ago, because their cultural understanding wasn’t the same. I don’t think man is changing marriage. I think man is trying to discover what it truly is. My belief is not that the Bible itself is subjective, but that our understanding of it is. When you read Alice in Wonderland at age 10, it has a completely different meaning than when you read it now. The text isn’t different, but YOU ARE. Your understanding of life reveals different meanings in the text. If this were not true, there would be no point in continuing to read and study the Bible. If you’d read the stories once, you’d have all the answers. Nothing could be further from the truth. I see stories differently now than i did in Sunday school when i was 10. That’s how it’s supposed to be. If we aren’t willing to give up the folly of our youth, how can we ever hope to grow? We may come to God with the faith of a child, but i don’t think He has any intention of stunting our growth.


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  1. Love the new format!

  2. It’s clean, but I prefer Verdana as a font over Times Roman. My two cents 😉

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