…obviously unsure about what gout is

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house

Carrie preps some salt water, her strep throat to douse

She has a sore throat and an ear ache to boot

(also a bum ankle, but that point’s really moot)

She’s nestled all snug in her warm purple bed

in the hopes that she’ll make it to morning, not dead

In fleece pants she lounges and hoodie, no bra

She’s feeling like Christmas is a humbug, a BAH.

When out in the den, a sound did ring out

It’s piercing high noise nearly gave her the gout? (not really.)

She rolled from the bed in a granny-like fashion

and hobbled down the hallway with a true lack of passion

She slid on the rug and nearly took a fall

And banged her elbow shouting, “#@*% WALL!”

She rounded the corner and what did appear?

That danged little bird that she really does fear.

She forgot that her parents were traveling down south

And left her this birdcage, with birdie’s big mouth.

“Hey Tweety, shut up or i’ll cut your beak off,

and i bet i’d get backup from the sleepless Gandalf.”

With a wink of an eye, Carrie went back to bed

where she laid… lied… lain… back on her pillow her pretty red head.

She’ll dream that Amoxicillin does not cause diarrhea,

but will stay near the bathroom just in ca…. oh, see ya!



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  1. Awesomeness.

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